2022 Mid-Year Outlook:
Economies recalibrated and what’s to come


Adjusting bearings
A mid-year economic compass

The investment and economic water have smoothed over the last six months, but market expectations of interest rate cuts were undermined by resilient growth and inflation. 

What’s in store for 2024?

The great energy transition

Renewables are central to the energy transition, but alternatives like wind and solar must overcome significant challenges. 

Bonds return

In a regime of higher for longer interest rates, we expect bonds to return to the forefront of asset allocation decisions in 2024.

Growth & innovation

Regardless of the economic backdrop, growth and innovation take place in every stage of the business cycle. Here’s where we see potential. 

Explore our insights

2024 Mid-year Market Outlook podcast

Lesley Marks, CIO of Equities and Steve Locke, CIO of Fixed Income and Multi-Asset Strategies, discuss their mid-year market outlook for the rest of 2024.

2024 Mid-year Market Outlook event

Get the advice you need to navigate investor portfolios. Join our team as they discuss global macro trends, key themes shaping markets and asset allocation recommendations.

There is safety in numbers

Read our previous full year 2024 Market Outlook to see why we viewed “safety first” as a good investment motto for 2024. 

Asset mix recommendations

With rate cut expectations pushed to the second half, we remain positive on equities and fixed income.

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