Let’s create a more invested world, together.

What if we could help Canadians become as invested in their investments as they are in the rest of their lives?

At a glance

We are a Canadian-owned company with a global presence, operating offices across Canada and in Boston, Dublin, London, Hong Kong and Beijing. As part of Power Corporation of Canada, we offer comprehensive financial services and solutions worldwide. 


Years of partnership


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Assets under management 

Member of IGM Financial [TSX: IGM] with $252.2B^ in AUM & advisement

Part of the Power Corporation [TSX: POW] group of companies, with $3.1T^ in AUA

Building unshakeable relationships

We aim to build unshakeable partnerships with advisors, who in turn, build unshakeable relationships with investors. Combining our insights, knowledge and proven investment solutions with advisor expertise, Canadians can worry less about their money and focus more on the things that bring joy to their lives. We believe that when we work together in true partnership, we create the greatest impact for everyone.

Our commitment

Our story began in 1967 and partnership has always been at the core of everything we do. Here's how:


Partnering with advisors to help investors reach their full potential.


Delivering performance-driven, innovative investments solutions, for all types of investors. 


Investing in a sustainable and responsible future. 


Making investments easier to understand.  

Our employees are invested

We believe anything is possible when you’re invested. It starts with our employees, which is why we’ve created a culture where people are invested in the work we do, and invested in their families, their passions and themselves. 

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Partnership is core to our culture and how we do business. 

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Learn more about how we are creating a more inclusive investment world.

*As of March 31, 2024, ^As of December 31, 2023

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