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Asset Allocation ETFs

Prerna Chandak, MBA

Vice President ETFs

Asset allocation is essential for investors looking to maximize their growth potential, while managing risk. It can account for up to 92% of the variation in a portfolio’s returns.1  

ETFs are increasingly being used as part of effective asset allocation strategies. Mackenzie’s suite of Asset Allocation ETFs is designed to provide a variety of allocations, suited to different investors’ risk preferences. They offer the options for conservative, balanced or growth allocations. The Global Fixed Income Allocation ETF brings exposure to diversified fixed income with a strategic asset allocation mix that includes investment grade government bonds.

Mackenzie’s suite of asset allocation ETFs is designed to provide Canadian investors with:

•   Low cost management fees (between 0.17 – 0.25%)

•   A simple, single-ticket solution to deliver effective asset allocation

•   Risk-based strategic asset allocation to match various risk profiles

•   Help in mitigating the impact of market volatility

•   Rebalanced allocation every quarter to maintain the preferred asset mix

How they work:

Each of Mackenzie’s Conservative, Balanced and Growth Allocation ETFs holds underlying Mackenzie ETFs, which offer broad global diversification across both asset classes and geographies. Mackenzie’s Global Fixed Income Allocation ETF also holds underlying Mackenzie ETFs, with a diversification of fixed income asset classes designed to reduce risk.

Mackenzie Allocation ETFs are the only asset allocation suite that provides exposure to Canadian domiciled, developed ex-North America and emerging market local currency bond ETFs.

Find out more about Mackenzie’s Asset Allocation ETFs, which are custom-built for Canadian investors, using Canadian ETF expertise. Talk to your financial advisor or the Mackenzie Sales Team.


1 Source: Brinson, Hood, and Brian D. Singer

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